The Dinner Party and The Men’s Event

We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the 2017 Dinner Party and Men’s Event such huge successes! Thanks to your generosity, our two signature galas raised a record-breaking $1.2 million to support the life-saving services and programs at Fenway Health, showing the strength and dedication of our vibrant community. Both fundraisers are Boston’s biggest nights on the town for more than 2,500 LGBT people and their allies. 

The Men’s Event


The 24th Fenway Health Men’s Event was held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

 Tim O’Connor and the late John Michael Gray, widely known as the colorful and tireless Hat Sisters, were honored with the Congressman Gerry E. Studds Visibility Award for their decades of philanthropy, activism, and dedication to uplifting the LGBT community through good times and bad. 

The Congressman Gerry E. Studds Visibility Award is given at The Men’s Event to honor individuals of integrity and selflessness who embody the spirit of service and provide positive leadership for the LGBT community. The Studds Visibility Award is given at each year’s Men’s Event in honor and memory of the first openly gay member of Congress, Gerry E. Studds, who passed away in October 2006. 


Kevin Araujo-Lipine

Mitchell Bilczewski

Taylor Brown

Corey Dinopoulos

Jeffrey P. Dugan

Steven P. Dyer*

Ryan Gosser*

Adam C. Harrington

Taylor S. Harris

Andy Huang

Nathan Ingham

Justin T. Isaac

Matthew LaBrie

Sigmond Lewis

Stephen Martyak

Maurice J. Maxie*

Raul G. Medina

Aleen R. Saraceno

Brandon O. Smith

Gregg Snyder

Daniel Solworth

Jeffrey Sulloway

R. Mitchell Thomas

John C. Welch

Michael Williams

Brady Wyrtzen

Joblin C. Younger, Esq.

* Event Co-Chair

The Dinner Party


The 26th Annual Fenway Health Dinner Party was held on Saturday, April 8 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

Long-time community activist and advocate Ann Maguire was honored with the Dr. Susan Love Award in recognition of her lifetime of work fighting for equality for all citizens of the Commonwealth. During the evening, we also remembered the life and legacy of our own Dr. Judith Bradford, who passed away in early 2017. 

Each year, the Dr. Susan M. Love Award is given to honor and celebrate a woman and/or organization that has made a significant contribution to the field of women’s health. The Award is named in honor of its founding recipient, Dr. Susan M. Love, a pioneer in women’s health and breast cancer treatment. 


Mara Blesoff

Bren Cole*

Katelyn Dolan

Nan Dumas

Jennifer M. Eno

Kyle Y. Faget, Esq.

Tiffany M. Favers

Lori J. Griffiths

Maxine Jackson

Jennifer L. Jones

Patty Ma

Sherri L. McDonald

Kendra E. Moore, PhD

Bess Moser

Elizabeth Pilgrim*

Jane Powers

Amanda Preston-Sicari

Ann Rogers

Terri L. Rutter

Kristin Sawyer

Diane M. Tucker*

Jennifer Walsh

Cristina Yordan

* Event Co-Chair

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our Table Captains and Event Team, our corporate sponsors, Men’s Event emcee John Early, Dinner Party emcee Lea DeLaria, First Class Band and Concetta, and the 2,500 LGBT people, friends, supporters and volunteers who attended the 2017 Men’s Event and Dinner Party for making this a Fenway Health gala season to remember! And a special thanks goes out to our Men’s Event Chairs Steve Dyer, Ryan Gosser, and Maurice Maxie, and Dinner Party Chairs Bren Cole, Beth Pilgrim, and Diane Tucker, whose hard work made both nights possible. 

Harbor to the Bay

Harbor to the Bay is a charity bike ride from Boston to Provincetown that donates 100% of money raised by riders and crew to support HIV/AIDS programs and services at four area agencies, including Fenway Health.

The Harbor to the Bay ride is made possible each year because a core group of dedicated individuals, under the leadership of Harbor to the Bay President and Director Jim Morgrage, volunteer their time and energy to make it happen. So far, Harbor to the Bay has raised over $4 million, with every penny distributed to its beneficiaries. Few volunteer-driven fundraisers can claim such an impressive track record.

2016 marked the 14th ride, with 110 riders and 26 crew members dedicating their efforts for Fenway Health.

All the money they raised will ensure that Fenway can provide care and services to every HIV-positive person who comes through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay. Altogether, the 2016 Harbor to the Bay Ride raised $283,925 for Fenway Health.


We want to extend a huge thank you to all our incredible riders, crew members, and donors for making this ride such a success.


Julianne Aiello

Amanda Annis

Clint M. Attebery

Roger Bacon

Mitchell Bilczewski

Jeffrey Blackwell

Richard Blank

Mara Blesoff

Jack Brent

Casey Brown

Kevin Brown

Ric Bussey

Catherine Cappelli

Alper Cesmebasi

Kevin Cherry

Jeff A. Conrad

Ross Cooper

Daniel Costa

Matthew R. Cotty

Will Cribby

Lou Cueva

David Dalrymple

Michael Dawe

Katelyn Dolan

Erina Donnelly

Lauren Doty

Nan Dumas

Quincy Elias

Eamonn Fanning

Lucio Felicio

Philip Finch

Timothy J. Fitzgerald

Molly Forbes

Matthew Funke

Stacey A. Furtado

Peter T. Gorman

Jack Gronau

Elizabeth Gruber

Aaron Halleck

Marcus W. Hamblin

Russel Hamblin

Annie Hamilton

Timothy B. Harwood

Colleen Higgins

Nicholas Hoover

Ian W. Johnson

Robb Johnson

Jennifer L. Jones

Edward F. Kammerer

Max Katz Christy

Amanda Kearns

Patrick Kearns

Akhil Ketkar

Jeff Kimball

Daniel Kinsley

Keith D. Kohl

Audrea Laffely

Cei Lambert

Jay LaMotte

Dana Lemelin

Emma Lennon

Patrick Leroy

Sarah Madey

Steve Martin

Jacob Mathews

Matt Mattozzi

Greg Mercer

Roland Merchant

Todd Mercier

Perri L. Mertens

Paul O. Miller

Kendra E. Moore, PhD

Carl D. Nagy-Koechlin

Laura O’Neil

Roberta L. Orlandino

Richard Osgood

Dana Pardee

Brendan Parker

Sam Peck

Theodore A. Peck III

Jeffrey D. Pike

Justin Polk

Jane Powers

Leah Prestamo

Clare E. Reilly

Christopher Roberts

Timothy D. Rosa

Susan Ryan-Vollmar

Dan Sammon

Melissa Savage

Abdel Sepulveda

Robin Smith

Gregg Snyder

Evan Soken

Susan Sommer

Rachel Spekman

Julia Spiegelman

Nathan Tavares

R. Mitchell Thomas

Tracey Toner

Jonathan Vega

Mark Vogel

Jared Weinstein

Parker Wellington

Philip White

Bryan Wilson

Michael C. Wonson

Michael Yeh

Joblin C. Younger, Esq.

Richard Zabelski


Erik Adams

Kathleen Bailey

John-Paul Bettencourt

Sarah Carroll

Robert Chase

Jose Clavel

Mary E. Foley

Sophia Geffen

Catherine A. Grossi

Eric J. Hayduk

Richard Herman

Lauren Inker

Sean Keough

Michelle King

Ben Kudler

Henri Langlais

Bruce Lewis

Dana Lyford

Matthew J. McNeff

Nicholas McRae

Andrea Nash

David J. Russo, Jr.

Brandon O. Smith

Woody Smith

Jennifer Swanson

Todd Williams